What is Affiliate Network?
An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers and merchant affiliate programs.

How Does Affiliate Network Tracking System Works?
It provides a software solution to track and manage the marketing activities of affiliates. The performance is measured through sales, conversions and clicks.

Technologies Used:
PHP, AngularJS, Apache Druid, MySQL


Affiliate Network Marketing System



What We Did

WebApp development including frontend and backend


Offer Access

Authorize affiliates’ access to offers by setting status – Private, Public or Require Approval. You have full control on matching offers to the right affiliates.

Offer Category

Customize categories for offers to enable Advertiser Managers to manage and view performance by categories, and enable Affiliate Managers to match offers easily.

Smart Redirect

3 levels of redirections to ensure every click matches an offer at 99% chance. Reduce waste of traffic and increase ROI with affiliates.


Targeting Control

Accurately find the right users by multi-layered targeting settings, from targeting geographies to specific devices and operating systems. Campaigns are optimized more effectively.

Multiple Payout Models

Multiple payout models including CPI, CPA, CPS & CPC. Easily select the right performance measurement and deploy multiple business models on one platform.